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Tire giants take charge of beach repair market


With the growth of the automotive market, the automotive aftermarket has also risen rapidly. The automotive repair, maintenance, rapid repair, and second-hand business segments have developed rapidly. The auto repair center has also sprung up across the streets, and the auto market is about to Enter the "golden period" of the industry. In recent years, giant tire giants led by the German horse brand have also joined the chain. These chain stores provide high-quality services for tire replacement and one-stop car maintenance, accelerating the layout of the automotive aftermarket and laying the foundation for the expansion of its retail market.

Rapid layout to seize market heights

After the auto market entered the spring, however, the auto aftermarket industry has also entered a chaotic and small-scale growth period, and there are many problems in business models, management services, and competition awareness. Only by understanding consumer demand, using innovative thinking, and persisting in service first is the only way out for the healthy development of China's auto aftermarket. Specialization, integration, and personalization will become the major trends in the development of the automotive aftermarket. Market development needs, including Michelin, German horse brand and other tire industry leaders, took the opportunity to deploy online stores, the purpose is to be able to seize the market better than other peers.

This reporter learned that the German brand tires have been deployed in Qingdao, a number of fast-repair chain stores, Qingdao, there are nearly 40 German horse brand in China authorized tire retail stores, German horse brand tires in the country after another shop and authorized, is the German horse brand One of the important measures to consolidate the brand's rapid growth in China's business is the key steps it is taking to China's auto aftermarket and accelerating the distribution of China's retail market. It is understood that Continental Group achieved sales growth of 7% in the year against the market last year, and Mark Tire China has created a historical record that is several times the growth rate of the Group and has become the fastest growing automobile tire in China. One of the brands, as of the beginning of this year, has reached 2,500 licensed image stores in China.

The reporter saw in the German horse brand tire sales shop in Fuzhou North Road that professional, fast and caring services are the characteristics of these chain stores. A car owner who came for four-wheel alignment told the reporter: “After the vehicle is out of the insurance, I almost never go to the 4S shop for maintenance. On the one hand, the 4S shop is often inconveniently located, and on the other hand, it is expensive. The automobile repair and maintenance center is equally professional, and it is also free to detect tire problems. Even if the tires are replaced, the quality of professional tires authorized stores is also guaranteed.”

During the use and maintenance of the car, the tires and brakes account for more than 50% of the total output value. The relevant data predicts that by 2017, the scale of China's automobile maintenance will reach 700 billion yuan, such a large market share will cause many auto industry giants to compete, and who can quickly seize the market, it may become a winner.

Increase brand influence and increase sales

At present, the German horse brand is building its flagship store in the country, including the opening of new stores in Beijing, Wuhan, Xiamen, etc. All of them uphold the globally unified design style and implementation standards of Best German flagship stores, not only the core tires of the German horse brand. Products, special equipment and peripheral products can also provide professional, efficient, standardized and one-stop automotive maintenance services for the majority of automotive consumers. This reporter learned that the German horse brand will also build the Best Germany flagship store in the future. According to the introduction of the German horse brand, the German horse brand will maintain the strong growth momentum of “adding three new stores every day” and further penetrate into the second and third tier cities, continuously attracting more powerful partners to join, relying on the world’s leading services of Best German flagship stores. Concept, improve the influence of its own brand, and build the best quality retail service system in China.

The reporter learned from the fast repair of Kling in Ningxia Road in Qingdao, and learned from the Rotunda auto supplies store in Jinsong Sanlu that the German brand of horse brand tires was widely recognized by consumers. In recent years, the German horse brand has further expanded its brand influence by organizing and participating in various automobile activities. In the 2013 MINI China mission, as the sole sponsor of the race car tires, the German horse brand through the strong support for the event, not only to protect the enjoyment of the competition players, to meet their dual control of safety and speed passion The desire is to print the quality of its products into the hearts of every contestant.

Automobile fast repair chain has become the mainstream trend in the aftermarket, but different types of car repair shops will face different problems, often appear bigger and bigger, smaller and smaller situation, a car fast repair The extent to which a store can cut its share of the car market depends on how far its brand can see and how big it can be. Automobile fast repair chain stores and sales are inseparable, but many auto repair shops of car maintenance categories do not have timely supply because of the shortage of complete spare parts inventory. As a result, long maintenance times and problems cannot be solved in the fast repair process of automobiles. The problem, and relying on the German car giant tire repair chain, can be guaranteed in the accessories products and technology, but also can achieve brand effect and product sales simultaneously improve the effect, is expected to reach the highest point of the car repair market .

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